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Lymebridge 1951 - 1963

Speke's Valley, Lymbridge 1954 Lymbridge 1951 2
Lymebridge From Field 1951 Elmscott Hill Lymebridge 1951
Lymbridge from Elmscott Hill Lymbridge 1951
Lymebridge Spekes Valley Cottage
Watersmeet Lymebridge 1951
Watersmeet Cottage Watersmeet Cottage 1951
Watersmeet3 Watersmeet Cottage 4
Watersmeet Cottage 1953 Watersmeet Cottage & Pig Sties3
Lymebridge 3 Watersmeet Cottage1954
Watersmeet Cottage Watersmeet Cottage 6
Watersmeet 4 Watersmeet Cottage Edith John
Watersmeet Front Edith Knowles John Henderson Watersmeet Cottage Rear aug1956
Watersmeet Cottage Kitchen 2 Watersmeet Cottage Kitchen
Watersmeet Cottage Kitchen 3 Watersmeet Dining Room
Watersmeet Reception Room Lounge Watersmeet
fireplace_watersmeet Watersmeet Cottage & Pig Sties4
'Pig Sty' Garage Watersmeet Knowles Family on Grass Watersmeet Aug 1957
Opposite Watersmeet Sue Smiling
Watersmeet Cottage Rear Toilet Watersmeet Cottage Rear
Watersmeet Rear Watersmeet Garden 1953
Clearing Watersmeet Garden 1951 Garden 1951
Watersmeet Garden 1951 3 Watersmeet Garden 1954
Edith Knowles Watewrsmeet Garden Geese Aug 1958
Watersmeet Cottage Goose
John Henderson Garden Edith Knowles & John Henderson Watersmeet Garden
Watersmeet Cottage - 1952 RIF Watersmeet Garden 1956
RIF Watersmeet Garden Aug 1957
Watersmeet Garden Garden Steps Watersmeet 1959
Stella Steps 1955 Sus & Stella
Watersmeet Cottage - August 1957 Watersmeet Cottage Garden - August 1957
Watersmeet Cottage - August 1956 Sue Aug 1957
Sue Rabbits 1959 Sue Aug 1958
Sue Garden 2 Susan Knowles Watersmeet Garden
Watersmeet Cottage Bridge 1952 Lymebridge Bridge
Stream 1959 EEl caught Watersmeet Bridge Aug 1956
John Knowles Watersmeet Watersmeet Cottage 1955
Watersmeet Cottage Side view VW Watersmeet Cottage 1951
Watersmeet Cottage Watersmeet Cottage
Watersmeet Cottage John & Edith Watersmeet
Watersmeet Cottage Knowles & Gardners Watersmeet 1952
Family outside Speke's Valley Cottage 1957 Lymebridge Signpost 1956
Stella Knowles Watersmeet 1959 Geoff John John Stella Alan 1952
Bike repair Watersmeet Cottage - 1955
Edith with RIF Edith Visitor John
Edith Knowles and John Henderson Knowles Lymebridge 1951
Garden Seat Aug 1957 Edith May Watersmeet
Stella & Susan Aug 1956 Watersmeet Cottage
Visitors Alan Gardner 1952
Geoff John John Stella Alan 1952 Group Garden Aug 1957
John Alan John Watersmeet 1955
John Henderson Car Ackworthy Aug 1956
'Norah' Bone Stella Knowles Aug 1958 Speke's Beach Path
Spekes Valley Beach Path 1959 Spekes Mill Mouth
Spekes Mill Mouth beach Geoff, Errol & Jack 1953
Geoff & Jack 1952 Stella & Errol
Millground Lymebridge 1952 Farming Lymebridge
Trellick Farmhouse Trellick Barn & Pig Sty
Trellick Cow Sheds Trellick Chickens
Bideford Quay 1956 Clovelly 1955
Hartland Hartland Church
Hartland Point Hartland Quay
Spekes Waterfall Speke's Waterfall 2
Hartland Quay Historic Speke's Beech
Hartland Quay From Tor Hartland Quay
Lymebridge Postcard Speke's Valley Cottage

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