Family Photographs



Thomas Du Rose KNOWLES

Reginald Eric KNOWLES

Edith May KNOWLES (nee

Most of these family photographs are of the KNOWLES family and their kin. The oldest is Thomas Du Rose KNOWLES who is my Great Grandfather. Reginald is one of his sons born in Islington, London and my Grandfather. Edith May Knowles was bornm Edith May Burleigh but was adopted by the WARREN family at the age of 6. Minne WARREN was one of her 'sisters'. The seaside photo shows Edith May and Geoffrey Eric KNOWLES (my father) as a boy. Reginald drove a Fiat car in car rallies. Click on these thumbnail photos to see a larger print. Florence Mary JEFFREYS (below) is my grandmother an Anglo-Spanish lady from Santander, Spain.

Minnie WARREN 'sister' of

Edith May KNOWLES with Geoffrey Eric KNOWLES


Florence Mary HUNTER (nee JEFFREYS) and Stella Florence KNOWLES (nee HUNTER)

Knowles family at the seaside

Reginald Eric KNOWLES in his Fiat car

Edith May KNOWLES (nee WARREN)

Florence Mary Jeffreys with a Radiotone resonator guitar circa 1930.




Reginald Eric KNOWLES and Edith May KNOWLES