Since retiring as a freelance web designer I have become more involved in our local community in Hellesdon, Norwich.

During the last few years I became involved as a trustee of our local community centre trust - eventually becoming chairman. During this period the local parish council decided that it wished to take over the running of the centre when the lease ran out on the 1st January 2016. The struggle between the Trust and the Parsish Council led to six local people standing for the 2015 parish council elections as independent candidates, supporting the continued management of the community centre by the trust. As a result only one of us succeeded in being elected - me!

Since then I have worked to try and ensure that the centre continues its inclusive approach to community support. As part of my contribution my wife and I started Hellesdon Sings! - a local community choir ( that now has over 30 members and is continuing to grow. It has its own organising group.

I am also working towards providing a music centre at the community centre to encourage and foster music in the community.